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Our work is equal parts thoughtful research, superior technology & reliable delivery that transcends industries, devices and code bases.


Creative design

Creative design

Great design doesn't happen by chance. Our UI/UX design team takes the time to really understand your end goal. Due to the competition in today's increasingly fierce marketplace, we push our limits to create the best design that can stretch on all devices.

Web development

Web development

When it comes to tailored digital solution, we create every piece to fit perfectly together using a flawless logic into a full-featured web application. We're eager to start on new full projects and tackle obstacles most think impossible as we think fast, and get it done!

Mobile development

Mobile development

Do you need a native iOS, Android, Windows app or you prefer cross-platform responsive web app? With our deep understanding and long experience we made our mark developing all kinds of mobile application for various industries.

How we work

Exclusive team

Investing into offices, hardware and staff can be huge headache and costly. Why not getting everything what you need almost instantly and at half the cost? Engaging an exclusive team with us, not only will make you cool, but there will be no difference if we were at your office or at the other half of the world. We play nicely with others, we have the talent and we are honest. Trending technologies are our only playground and we tend to show off with our knowledge.

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Product Development

We combine high-quality design with the latest in digital technology and best practice programming methodologies. We build systems to be scalable, stable and extensible, while delivering user-centric functionality. We believe usability and functionality is just as important as the esthetics. It’s not enough for our work to simply look good, it has to be amazing. We are welcome you at any and every stage of the product maturity even if nurturing is what you need.

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Phase 1 - Criteria

Phase 1 - Criteria

Here we will ask you to give us criteria on the ideal candidate/s so we can identify your exact needs, such as:

- Position Description;
- Responsibilities;
- Desired Skills and Experience;

Phase 2 - Selection

Phase 2 - Selection

Analyzing your business goals and industry, we move your request to our team of HR experts and start the process. Carefully we put together a list of potential candidates with their portfolios and develop a preliminary interviewing process.

- Technical and soft skills;
- Background check;
- Technical test;
- Aptitude tests;

Phase 3 - The perfect match

Phase 3 - The perfect match

At this stage you can either let us select the perfect match for you or you can conduct an interview with the candidates and make the decision.

- Candidates list;
- Portfolios;
- Recommendations;
- Our opinion;

Phase 4 - Kick off

Phase 4 - Kick off

After selecting the perfect match we move forward to the final stage, defining start date on your new team member.

- Time zone adjustments;
- Introduction to your team;
- Blending in;

Phase 1 - Discovery and analysis

Phase 1 - Discovery and analysis

The requirements gathering or the discovery phase is an essential phase in any system development life cycle. The detail and the extent of correctness of the requirements has a large role to play in defining overall system architecture and project success.

- High level description of the solution;
- Project goals discussion;
- Solution definition;
- Feature definition;

Phase 2 - Project planning & Concept Development

Phase 2 - Project planning & Concept Development

The concept development & project planning phase is arguably the most important, because what’s decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project. This is also the stage that requires your interaction and the accompanying attention to detail.

- Resources allocation;
- Interaction Design/Wireframes Concepts;
- User web & mobile experience(UX);
- Sitemap Strategy;

Phase 3 - Creative work

Phase 3 - Creative work

Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, it’s time to determine the look and feel of the project. Our creative team, work closely with you in this phase, exchanging ideas create one or more prototype designs until we arrive at the final unique design.

- Determine color palette & branding;
- User interface design;
- Drawing key sections, subpages & other graphic elements;
- Responsive implementation;

Phase 4 - Development

Phase 4 - Development

In this phase all documentation and project requirement done in Phase 1, play a vital role. This will significantly reduce the usage of our software engineers and with that the cost to develop the project.

- Design integration;
- System development;
- Mobile Application Development;

Phase 5 - Testing and Integration

Phase 5 - Testing and Integration

Our QA professionals implement a proven QC/QA strategy from the point of inception of a project to achieve the intended quality standards and control.

- Monitoring & Control;
- Performance testing and verification;
- Cross-browser compatibility;
- Deployment announcement;

Phase 6 -  Deployment and maintenance

Phase 6 - Deployment and maintenance

It is time to go live! We are doing final checks, finalize project documentation and make sure your product is deployed properly, ready for action.

- Project documentation;
- Training;
- Deployment environment;
- Regular updates releases;

Our technology playground

Code principles

Code Quality Perfectionists

We have standardized naming and coding standards, code review sessions, code sniffing to determine code coverage, cyclomatic complexity and code duplication.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Each check-in is verified by an automated build in order to detect problems early.

Test - Driven Development

The process is test driven and using the appropriate test tool based on the technology.

Software Development Life Cycle

Own conceptual model used in project management that describes the phases in the project development, from an initial discovery through maintenance of the completed application.

Software Development Methodology

Well documented collection of policies, process and procedures using the latest practices.

Software Development Tools

Using well known tools for reliable communication with our customers and tasks verification.

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